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Rhodonite Pink Tower 10LB standing 11 inch crystal generator peach blossom stone large huge XL XXL

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"Pink Delight” Rhodonite tower, Also known as Peach blossom. Incredible dreamy pinks; greys and browns on this magical generator. height: 11.6 inches Weight: ~10.3 lbs Thank you for viewing my listing on etsy! I am proud to bring you some amazing stones from the Wizard crystal collection. Please visit my store to see more amazing items like this one. Please note that these are natural items, Zoom in and look at ALL the photos carefully. If there is a major issue anywhere but the base of crystal I will circle it in Red. Please pay careful attention to the bottom of the crystal, This is where you are most likely to see any removal marks or fractures. This is very common and no need for concern. The crystals are cut or mined from the earth, at many times these marks at the base are a result breaking the crystal free from another crystal structure or cutting the crystal base. - Wizard Crystal